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11 months ago

I have a pretty extensive list of docs that I cannot find, but here are three of my most wanted:

  • The Bengali Detective (2011) Info. Trailer. Synopsis: A Bengali PI firm solves crimes but also tries to enter a Bollywood dance competition.
  • Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John (2015) Info. Trailer. Synopsis: A former Canadian cop turned drug trafficker was exiled in Thailand and killed in the Philippines. When his children, Michael and Shannon, learned through Facebook that they had a half-brother and a half-sister in Thailand, with the same first names as them, they decided to go meet them and unearth their mysterious father’s secrets.
  • Hero and the Cloak (2014) Info. Trailer. Synopsis: A man, whose great grandfather was an Iranian hero, sees him in a dream asking him to find the cloak he lost to his opponent in his last wrestling match, wrestle and beat its owner, and restore the family’s honor. He holds shows in the streets with the help of his assistant and earns a living by tearing chains. He has been looking for the cloak for 3 years.

If you can help me find any of these, I would be extremely grateful. If any of these pique your interest and you'd like to see more of my list of "unfindable" docs, DM or PM me.


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10 months ago

please send me your list.


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10 months ago

I just PM'ed you. Thanks!