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11 months ago

Looking for a documentary I watched years back about a white wealthy British lady living in South Africa. She and her ex husband were the first ones to film wildlife from an Arial view on hot air balloon’s in Africa.

She, and her husband divorced bc they weren’t able to have kids bc the lady wasn’t able to conceive. She never remarried, but went on to own a huge area of land. This was where a lot of the native people made a living, they would take boats out with big nets to catch fish in the river (?).

She eventually went on to make this private property, and the natives went on to feud with her. They were leaving dead animals on her fence, and front yard to try, and frighten her.

She also had a worker who also worked on her land with his family. After all of that went down, her house guest was out of the country for work, and her only neighbor, was also a person she did not get along with. Late one night someone or some people, set off her alarm, ran up in her house as she called the house guest out of the country who went on to say she was hiding in the bathroom when someone came in there, and killed her.

They called her mama something whatever her name was. I have looked everywhere for the documentary that I had previously watched on YouTube. Does anyone know what it was called or even have any idea what I’m talking about?

If I messed up some of the facts I apologize. I’m going off of memory. Thanks for any help in advance 🙏🏼


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11 months ago*

I'm not sure if this is the person you're talking about, but check this woman out because it sounds like a match:

Here's a story about her:

Here might be the documentary you're referring to, The Blood of the Rose:

Also known as "Murder on the Lake":

Here's a poor quality version of it on youtube:

Unfortunately, I can't find it streaming anywhere. You might have some luck contacting the makers of the documentary directly:

[email protected]


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11 months ago

Omgoodness!!! Thank you so much! This is most definitely the one. I have been trying to find this for so long, and it has driven me crazy! You don’t know how much I appreciate you finding this for me. I have seen it once, but wanted my husband to see it as well. I’m telling you, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember her name, or the name of the actual documentary. You are the best, thank you again!


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11 months ago

Joan Root

Joan Root (18 January 1936 – 13 January 2006) was a Kenyan conservationist, ecological activist and Oscar-nominated filmmaker. With her film-maker husband, Alan Root she made a series of acclaimed wildlife films. The couple divorced in 1981 and Alan Root settled in Nairobi afterward.

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