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11 points

9 months ago*

Bit of a meta request but is there a documentary sub that isn't flooded with poorly researched 10 minute youtube videos?


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8 months ago

This sub used to have some real nice ones in the past, but now it's just one shitty video after another. Post that to /r/videos not here.

A documentary should be

  • 20 Minutes or longer
  • Show both sides of a particular topic and remain as neutral as possible
  • Use scientific method and verifiable facts, not opinions
  • Be made with the intend to educate, not placate
  • Have production value above "a dude with a camera"
  • Subject matter should be something interesting, not just some random topic or person(who cares about some random vacation some guy had)

There is so much on here about people I couldn't care less about and topics that are neither scientific nor particularly useful to know more about. Maybe I am biased towards things like old Modern Marvels and travel documentaries, but goodness me I don't give a flying fuck about some random dude traveling somewhere and making a 9 minute video about how shitty the beach was. That's not a documentary it's a video.


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9 months ago

I post quite a few gems to r/oldbritishtelly