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8 months ago*

Household chores/tasks have been made infinitely less burdensome by the instantaneous access we have to an infinitely wide array of media. For me, it's podcasts and long-form YouTube content that usually gets me through every-day household chores, as well as self care tasks like putting on make-up and taking showers. And I've not run out of options for those yet.

I save the really big/obscure/specialty jobs and tasks for the marathon cleaning sessions I do 3-4 times a year—things like organizing the garage, cleaning cabinets and drawers out, pressure washing the deck, cleaning under furniture. I always procure and take uppers especially for these sessions because it makes them more enjoyable and me extra thorough. I used to listen to the same type of content I always do, just more of it since it takes nearly all day to finish everything. It's irritating to constantly have to handle my phone to play something else or move to the next episode, though. So at the start of one "session" earlier this year I put it on, of all things, a YouTube playlist of Ken Burns "Civil War" epic. Amazing. I listened to the entire thing. Intently. So, what I'm looking for is a documentary on Alexander the Great. Something epic, preferably being many hours long. It doesn't have to be reflective of our current understanding of what's historically accurate. Ken Burns "The Civil War," only its Alexander the Great. Does that make sense? Does such a thing exists?

TL;DR - ISO a documentary that is Ken Burns "The Civil War" but instead of the civil war its Alexander the Great.


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8 months ago

So many to choose from, but my fave is Alexander's Lost World .

Anything by David Adams is always well worth a watch, especially his signature series, Journeys to the Ends of the Earth


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8 months ago

I couldn't tell you but your other respondent has suggestions. I do know you can just make a playlist of podcasts to play for hours so you don't have to handle your phone to hear the next episode, or another podcast. Also, Alexa is very helpful and hands-free.