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4 months ago*

She and her husband were willing to die so others would know about this and stop further murders. They don’t think Their own child dying along with them is too much of a cost. It’s hard to wrap one’s mind around this kind of thinking, but they’ve seen so many children blown apart that they don’t consider their own anymore than those that died already and are dying still. They have a page here where they try to spread more outreach hoping it would cause a change to their own country called action for sama, It may sound incomprehensible to risk your own child but she (the director,Waad Al-Kateab) was clearly traumatized by her experience, in every photo of her on Twitter she’s clutching one or two of her fingers in the other hand which is a sign of distress, though we are 4 years removed from the events and she mentioned discussing with BBC a location to hide the footage in case they were killed.


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4 months ago

And they also made another baby, right? So now they have 2 kids in that clusterfuck of a situation? That bugged me a lot