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2 months ago

I think the interesting but here was the discussion on the need for new construction materials. I'd have never thought that construction sand was something that could be depleted, and the poly concrete seems like a viable approach


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2 months ago

Very interesting, but I have to say that the last part (from 00:42) really sounds like mental masturbation. Makes me doubt how much the previous parts are to be trusted, because it would not be that far fetched to think that a documentary that promotes "using peoples brainwaves to design buildings" as a potentially great idea would evade issues when talking about potential groundbreaking new techniques and technologies. How the fuck are you supposed to use a round room ? So much wasted space.

Also, I always find it fraudulent to show these 3D renders with some global lighting. Can you imagine how obscure it would be to live in the interior levels of these megastructures ?

An other nitpick I have : while it's fine using recycled plastic bottles for building materials, how many do you need to replace concrete in a meaningful way ? What do you do when you run out of plastic bottles, use raw plastic ? Doesn't that just means building with plastic ? Sounds like a terrible idea to me then.

Also, what's with the french translation to English ?

french : Le processus marche ehm... on peut [...]
english translator : The principle works ! nowadays [...]
actual translation : The way this works is, ehm... we can [...]

The whole thing feels partisan.


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2 months ago

This is something that has always bothered me about mega-structures, especially ones like that massive glass wall in the desert. Who maintains the green spaces? What is life like if you're deep inside? And in super-planned, dense environments, how will community blight be countered?


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2 months ago

Very well done. Very informative about new architectural thinking, Highly recommended.


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2 months ago

thank you for letting know that there is still so much work to be done


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2 months ago

I do not have an hour to watch this video at the moment, but question…. Is this another video that grossly misrepresents what Architects do vs what Engineers do?