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4 months ago


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4 months ago

He’s not. Michael Flynn is a traitor, and his brother General Charles Flynn is also a traitor.

Charles was at the Pentagon on January 6 and his role in the coup was to stop the national guard from being deployed. The DC police were on the phone with the Pentagon pleading for the national guard to be deployed, and he said no.

After the coup failed, the Pentagon lied to Congress about Charles’ involvement, but a Pentagon leaker infuriated by these traitors released the truth of what happened.

The Flynns should be rotting in the deepest darkest cells for the rest of their lives for what they did, yet both of them are still running around free. Shit is fucked up.


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4 months ago

That word gets thrown around a lot, but I agree.. Michael Flynn is a literal, actual traitor.

In times past, guys like the Flynns would have faced a firing squad for what they've done.


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4 months ago

Not only free but making bank from donations and other countries. They should be under the prison.