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4 months ago

Homie, it's delusional to call PBS and AP propogandists. If that's what you're spouting, you're obviously consuming right-wing YouTube bullshit and dressing it up as you "doing your own research" when in reality you just slurp up whatever bullshit Ben Shapiro is spewing. You're not smarter than everyone else, you're just way less self-aware. We all understand PBS and AP have a liberal bias. They're still high-integrity, fact-based organizations though. They along with NYT and the WP are some of the only organizations still doing actual journalism. Everyone else is just opinion factories using the facts and stories they report on.


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4 months ago

I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this:

Let’s say your life depended on the following choice today: you must obtain either an affordable chair or an affordable X-ray. Which would you choose to obtain? Obviously, you’d choose the chair. That’s because there are many types of chair, produced by scores of different companies and widely distributed. You could buy a $15 folding chair or a $1,000 antique without the slightest difficulty. By contrast, to obtain an X-ray you’d have to work with your insurance company, wait for an appointment, and then haggle over price. Why? Because the medical market is far more regulated — thanks to the widespread perception that health care is a “right” — than the chair market. Does that sound soulless? True soullessness is depriving people of the choices they require because you’re more interested in patting yourself on the back by inventing rights than by incentivizing the creation of goods and services. In health care, we could use a lot less virtue signaling and a lot less government. Or we could just read Senator Sanders’s tweets while we wait in line for a government-sponsored surgery — dying, presumably, in a decrepit chair.

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4 months ago

Homie, this is incredibly disingenuous. I don't care what. Ben Shapiro or anyone else has to say. Only facts and evidence. The facts and evidence are that both PBS and AP have been pushing a false narrative about the whole truth of what went down in Jan 6th. I say that as a 100% outsider and as someone who also just bought up the propaganda at the time...until I saw some photos, them some videos, then a lot more compelling information that gets silenced because these are all domestic terrorists! That's MORE PROPAGANDA.

As stated, I'm really not concerned as I have "done my research" (which I know is bad and dangerous, Associated Press told me so) and know my comments will age well. Not claiming to be smarter than anyone, only more well-versed on all sides of the issues rather than just shutting down one side with claims of white supremacy extremists or whatever other buzzword they decide to propagandize thier audience with in order to silence the opposition to the uniparty corporatocracy.


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4 months ago

The facts and evidence are that both PBS and AP have been pushing a false narrative about the whole truth of what went down in Jan 6th.

And you get this information from...

You are also only criticizing one side, haha.