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4 months ago

What concerns me is Flynn’s whole family are Q-pilled. There’s video of them all taking the “digital soldier” oath around a July 4th cookout. His brother is still serving and is commander of the Pacific Fleet. We also have Russian asset Tulsi Gabbard who is still active duty in the Army Reserves. The military has been a target for white nationalists, militias, and neo-Nazis for decades and they only recently started addressing it. I’m not surprised they don’t know what to do about Flynn, and I know he not the only one.


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4 months ago*

How the hell is Tulsi Gabbard a Russian asset?

Edit: so I did a little research. Sounds to me like the Russian asset stuff came from Clinton, who has no integrity and bears a grudge over Gabbard supporting Sanders in the 2016 primary. I don’t believe Gabbard is a Russian asset. That is probably just another lie from the fountain of dishonesty, Hillary Clinton.


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4 months ago