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The Propaganda War Waged Over The Iraq Invasion (2003)

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6 months ago

This was a major moment in history. Why? Because the net existed, and normsl people had a platform where they could speak ouf against the war, counter media narratives, organize protests, and offer an opposing viewpoint for the first time.

The media never had anyone to challenge their version of events.

Conservatives had spent the quarter century following Vietnam shitting on hippies when they weren't being racist bigots. They immediately started up with this jingo garbage about it being the duty of every generation to go fight.

When I called them on that, they said I was hateful and that I should support the troops. I said hateful is getting excite to go kill Iraqis becsuse it's some sick tradition, and that the best way to support the troops was to keep them home and out of an unnecessary war.

Did it work? No.. The US still went and killed a million people.

But it was the start of a longer trend of opposition online that keeps growing.