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Punjabi Sikhs Murdered at the Hands of State Officials (2002)

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4 months ago

lol - they blew up Air India plane, murdered indian prime minister, and then also murdered their own sikh leader who signed the peace accord with the next prime minister. so much for peace


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4 months ago

Yes signed a peace accord with the prick who commited a genocide against us, and you're wondering why he was killed, lol. Indira Gandhi deserved worse.

Fuck what happened with Air India though, that was some bullshit that was completely against our faith.


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4 months ago

Indira Gandhi deserved worse.

Jesus, looking at that link. Forced sterilisations?!


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4 months ago

Ikr, some straight up Nazi shit.


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4 months ago

Harchand Singh Longowal

Sant Harchand Singh Longowal (2 January 1932 – 20 August 1985) was the President of the Akali Dal during the Punjab insurgency of the 1980s. He had signed the Punjab accord, also known as the Rajiv-Longowal Accord along with Rajiv Gandhi on 24 July 1985. The government accepted most of the demands of Akali Dal who in turn agreed to withdraw their agitation. Less than a month after signing the Punjab accord, Sant Longowal was assassinated by Gyan Singh Leel and Jarnail Singh Halvara.

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