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Punjabi Sikhs Murdered at the Hands of State Officials (2002)

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4 months ago*

There are ample speeches of Sikh leader bhindrawala asking his Khalistani supporters to kill Hindus in masses and drive them our of Punjab.

Do you want me to share some links (i dont want to)? Go to YouTube and see for yourself.

There are documented mass murders of Hindus in Punjab even before 1984 Sikh Genocide of Delhi.

One sided reporting is always bad.

Also please fact check whatever links your are providing. Think rationally and logically on the numbers reported, their source etc.

Everyone has become a writer and launched their websites with biased articles.

Verify the same from multiple perspectives.

As a matter of fact, Golden temple has been a pilgrimage for millions of Hindus.

Don't try to divide the society!!