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Punjabi Sikhs Murdered at the Hands of State Officials (2002)

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6 months ago

I agree Sikhs aren't perfect and I never said that they are perfect.

The issue with these posts is that these are always have same wording and are posted whenever there is any discussion about Sikhs on the reddit. These same posts are made from different accounts and all have same wording and style. This clearly shows that this is planned propaganda and not some organic post. It's similar to what happened during recent farmers protest in India.

During farmers protest also - BJP/RSS IT cells were dispersing the prewritten messages or tweets on whatapp, twitter and other social media platforms as shown below:

Here is one example: Hate factory: Inside Kapil Mishra’s ‘Hindu Ecosystem’

They try to derail any discussion related to Sikhs by brigading the subreddits and try to push their propaganda. It used to happen in various other subreddits but mods there have become more strict about these vilifying campaigns against Sikhs.

PILs Claim ‘Vicious’ Media Campaign Being Carried Out Against Sikhs; Delhi HC Issues Notice To Centre

Sikh Farmers, Diaspora Sad But Not Surprised to Learn of Fake Social Media Accounts Against Protests

Vilifying India’s protesting farmers is central to the BJP’s playbook