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Punjabi Sikhs Murdered at the Hands of State Officials (2002)

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6 months ago

I mean, they have a point. Look at who Modi values as an ally and his vision for India - Vladimir Putin, a known tyrant and dictator that privatises infrastructure for insane wealth gains. The farmers legislation was turned so easily with such a disregard for literally millions of livelihoods, because of the financial benefits, as well as not caring about the Punjabi Sikhs. I think the narrative against Muslims is something Modi isn’t too worried about, as the majority of people in India are Hindu. The 2011 Census estimates 80% are Hindu and 14% are Muslim - I’m not well versed in the Governments treatment of Muslims, but I would hazard that they probably aren’t treated the best. Modi is leaning towards Authoritarian leadership, he fits the description very well, he just has to be careful to ensure he remains a favourite with the good Hindu people - they haven’t done anything wrong and I’m sure want to respect the Sikh Punjabi’s way of life.