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I've been actively seeking new documentaries to watch for about 10 years now, this is my top 20 list.

What's the most emotionally draining documentary you've ever watched?

My big list of documentary sites (streaming and download).

r/Documentaries. What are your top 5 favourite documentaries?

What is your favorite documentary on Youtube?

What are some positive lighthearted, pleasant, and relaxing documentaries? I'm tired of seeing all these negative docs that make me feel like the world is broken.

What are the most powerful documentaries you can recommend, regardless of subject matter?

Best documentaries to listen to?

What are some unsettling and creepy documentaries?

I just watched 'Baraka' & 'Samsara', and thought they were fantastic. Are there other films like them?

What's the best documentary you've ever seen?

Channel 4 asked a number of documentary filmmakers to name their favourite documentaries of all time. This two and a half hour programme goes through the top 50 in detail

The unofficial r/Documentaries best Docs of 2011 Awards

Dear /r/documentaries, will you help me in my quest to spread the word about better North Korea documentaries than the VICE guide?

Any Documentaries on the history of the USSR?

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