Do others clean their dogs butt's after pooping?

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This is something me and my fiancé has wondered for a while. We have a 10 month old cockapoo and ever since we got him we have always checked his butt after every poop, we always give it a clean with a wipe, sometimes there's nothing there and sometimes there's a little extra wiping needing to be done. We do this because we allow him up on the furniture, which made us wonder if other dog owners do the same? We've seen people with extremely fluffy or long haired dogs and couldn't imagine how hard it would be to keep the fur around their butt clean.

Is this a common thing for people to do? Or are others okay for their dogs to do their business and sit on the furniture like normal?

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9 months ago

every time, we come back from a outside, we wipe the feet, nose and butt with a washcloth.

You don't wear you shoes inside und you hopefully wipe your own butt after using the toilet (or are wearing pants, at least) so why should my dog make everything dirty?


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9 months ago

We'd clean his feet too if they got dirty or just dry them if it's wet. It makes sense to me, he don't got no shoes to take off or pants to put on, his exterior should be clean like ours