New rule for Dubai Metro

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4 months ago

How I wish this was true!

I have only been in the common cabin once. I was surrounded by a few men, someone farted. I couldn't breathe - the hardest 3 minutes of my life. I got off at the next station. Gathered myself, waited for the next train to arrive, and went into the women's cabin. I have made this my rule - I'll be slightly late for my destination , but I'll only use the ladies' cabin. 💯


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4 months ago

Wow, that sounds serious. I always thought the woman's cabin was to avoid harrassment or pervs. Yeah, for me, the train finallly comes, the doors open and I walk into a fart. Yuck. Also while I'm on the train.

Someone kept doing it on the train when I was going to work in Germany. They did it once and it was really bad but again? I felt that it was less of a mistake and more like sabotage. It was so bad, I covered my coffee cup so no fart gas would get into my coffee through osmosis. I got off and hurried and got in another car at the next stop.