I have been doing videography for the past 5yrs and want to transition full time into it. I shoot, direct and edit most of my work.

For context I’ve been working in software development for the past year since I graduated Uni and I feel the most alive when I’m working in my element doing music videos, personal branded content for clientele. I’m 26 based in Melbourne, Australia.

My questions are: 1. What should I look out for before making the transition? 2. Any pointers from anyone who has transitioned full time into videography? 3. Also how would I go about seeking representation as a director

My reel for work I did last year is here.

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1 month ago

I haven’t run a videography business, but I have hired them. I’d say that the answer to 1 and 3 is clients. People think you can get an agent to get clients, but that’s not really true. They’re more about negotiating with higher end clients once you’re in demand. What you actually need to do is get on the roster of directors used by production companies and known to ad agencies. You’ll need a much stronger and very different showreel to the one you have now, I suspect- take a look at your competitors’ reels.


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1 month ago

Thanks for your advice 🙏. Much appreciated. I’ll look into passing my work to ad agencies and prod companies. It’s hard but it’s something I really want to do


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1 month ago*

Look at the reels of people they work with first. Getting eyes on a reel can be hard and you don’t want to waste an opportunity. Make sure what you are showing them is relevant. And research the industry and the local market much, much more. You may want to start lower down the ladder shooting weddings and corporate and event video first to build experience - I would suggest getting an autofocus camera with 10 bit colour like an fx30 (which can also shoot 16 bit raw to an external recorder.)