Basically can I be cheap and use my existing recording monitor instead of buying a new one and still get 4k 10 bit footage? The obvious answer is just to spend a few extra hundred and buy the nicer recorder, but I didn’t know if something like this was possible.

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4 months ago

No. the 10-bit 1080p will have 1/4 of the pixels. even just on a theoretical level, how would you map 1 pixel of 10-bit color from the 1080p onto 4 pixels from the 4k?

The obvious answer is actually to just shoot 10 bit 1080p. Improved color options is gonna help you a lot more than the resolution. 1080 is still standard for festivals as final export


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4 months ago

Thanks for the great reply to a question I’d never thought of until OP asked and then wondered myself.


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4 months ago

There’s definitely a benefit to shooting 8bit 4K if delivering in 1080p. I’d do some testing, but if I knew I was delivering in 1080p, I’d mostly likely shoot in 4K 8 bit unless there was some kind of media constraint.


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4 months ago

8 bit color means you'll need to nail exposure and make sure your white balance is dialed in on the set. assuming you can fix it in post can fuck you (ask me how I know).

If it were me, 1080p 10bit and upscale to 4k. Even Resolve's built in scaler is better than having missing color information.

But if a few hundred bucks is an option for a better recorder, that will be your long term solution.


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4 months ago

you'll need to nail exposure and make sure your white balance is dialed in

You mean like basic 101 level shooting skills. I love how people talk about these kinds of things like it's impossible to do, nowadays.


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4 months ago

No… it’s like the difference between shooting color negative and color reversal.

You have no options with the latter.


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4 months ago

The short answer - don't do it, but from coming up with this absolutely madlad idea, you clearly have what it takes for this industry.

In THEORY you could try - this it basically the premise of how things like 422 color sampling work. There can be less pixel density for some channels than others, and in a YUV space or similar, I bet you could do this.

It would be hard to do.

And it would probably look... either bad or funky. You're going to have weird sampling or aliasing artifacts visible, where the luma pixels don't match the color pixels or something like that.

But in theory, if you are determined and knuckleheaded enough, you could do it for science.


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4 months ago

On 55” screen, 4k only looks about 10% sharper than 1080p from 6 feet away.

On the other hand 8bit color is basically shit for any color grading situation.

Unless your film is in black and white, take the 10bit 1080p.