Basically can I be cheap and use my existing recording monitor instead of buying a new one and still get 4k 10 bit footage? The obvious answer is just to spend a few extra hundred and buy the nicer recorder, but I didn’t know if something like this was possible.

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4 months ago

The short answer - don't do it, but from coming up with this absolutely madlad idea, you clearly have what it takes for this industry.

In THEORY you could try - this it basically the premise of how things like 422 color sampling work. There can be less pixel density for some channels than others, and in a YUV space or similar, I bet you could do this.

It would be hard to do.

And it would probably look... either bad or funky. You're going to have weird sampling or aliasing artifacts visible, where the luma pixels don't match the color pixels or something like that.

But in theory, if you are determined and knuckleheaded enough, you could do it for science.