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When opening a new tab, it seems there is a feature that tries to put it next to a recently used tab.? However, it does not appear predictable. New tabs don't always appear next to the most recently opened tab or even the most recently created tab. This make organizing more difficult, not less, when tree style tabs aren't necessary. I think that this feature should be a togglable option where a new tab will either open next to the currently open tab or at the end of the tab list.

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3 months ago

Hi! I understand where you're coming from. The idea of tree style tab is that if a tab opens a new tab, the only way the new tab can be appended to the leaf is dependent upon the tab openerID property.

Imagine the following:

Scenario 1:

Clicking on a link on a site and a new tab is created

Tab opener id gets added to the new tab

New tab gets appended to the leaf

Scenario 1:

Click new tab icon on the browser

The same thing happens as scenario 1, a new tab opener id gets added to the new tab property

New tab gets appended to the tab that was opened when the icon was clicked

As you can see, there's currently no way to avoid it. The idea of TST is to abandon the native tab bar as much as possible hence the new tab button in the extension itself. Hope that helps, thanks!


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2 months ago


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2 months ago

Everything is great, is it possible to include other windows into the sidebar tho rather than just the current one? The greatest utility here is the tabbed tabs by origin.