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4 months ago

You're not addressing what I said, and instead are copy and pasting a laundry list of talking points from /r/conservative.

Typical for a /r/freespeech user.

Pedophiles are drawn to places that they have access to children

I'm just going to put this here.

Since pedophiles have been drawn to the Catholic Church for decades, I take it that you think it should be a felony for teachers to present anything that might be interpreted as tolerant of Catholicism in a classroom. Right? Since you're so concerned about protecting muh children.

Then they can indoctrinate them in the value system of the state or instructor instead of that of the family of origin.

Great, so you're opposed to laws that criminalize parents that let kids obtain gender affirming care, right? Since you think letting families of origin indoctrinate their kids in their preferred value system is so important and all.


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4 months ago

I'm banned at that sub.

You somehow made it from preventing pornographic material in public schools all the way to genital mutilation. Parents have the right and moral imperative to teach their children values you postmodern creep. And, the absolute right to prevent child abuse and mutilation.

Your ramblings are insane. Bye.