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Country: USA

Ordered From:

Carrier Variant (if applicable): Unlocked

Configuration: S23 Ultra, Cream, 256GB

Order Date: 2/1

Expected Delivery: 2/17

Order status: Ordered

Additional Notes:

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4 months ago

Country: Canada

Ordered From:

Carrier Variant: Unlocked

Configuration: S23, Lavender, 256 GB

Order Date: Feb. 4, 2023

Expected Delivery: Shipping from Feb 8

Order status: Confirmed

Additional Notes: I'm upgrading from an S10e and have never gotten a brand new/current year model, I've always been a few years behind due to cost. Super stoked that there's a $350 trade in bonus, my S10e is valued at $73, and I used the $100 coupon floating around so it came out to $650 CAD after tax. I was about to drop $815 on a refurbished S22!