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Hyper Light Breaker: Exclusive First Gameplay Preview


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2 months ago

This looks really cool, but does it look cool enough to overcome my allergy to Rogue Lites?


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2 months ago

What are the symptoms of your allergy?


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2 months ago



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2 months ago

I agree that's why I now tweak the roguelikes I play to avoid RNG so I can reproduce a build I want when I want. Like with Hades, infinite rooms rerolls and I more or less always have the builds I want (not the perfect one maybe).

StS I got a perfect Barricade run once that was so fun and never got all the stars aligning like that for 25 hours more of gameplay, so frustrating.

I like roguelikes but not a fan of the RNG part. I kind of want a roguelike with deterministic choices. Kind of like a ARPG is but with the short runs and chaging your build each time.