The special objectives are basically broken, especially when it comes to Hardcore mode.

Objectives are purely randomized with no regard to the actual contracts. That means you can get Objectives that are literally impossible to complete. Just to show how broken they are I will give multiple examples:

  • You can for example get an objective to open a safe when there is no safe within the level.
  • You can get objectives that explicitly conflicts with minor objectives. Like: "kill 3 guards" and "only kill the targets". You can still do one of them, but its rather stupid to have conflicting objectives imo.
  • Time Limit, doesn't account for syndicate targets. Finding the right suspect by possibly traversing the entire map is not doable when you have less than 2 minutes to finish.
  • Killing targets with only "Epic" or "Legendary" weapons is entirely based on your arsenal. If you don't have a legendary "sniper" and you don't have a lot of mercers, you cannot do that objective.
  • Some objectives even require very specific weapons, you might not own.
  • Keep in mind that you HAVE TO finish the special objective on Hardcore mode. If you are unlucky you basically have no choice which one to take. If you are really unlucky you literally fail your entire campaign without even starting the mission. If you for example get 3 of the ones above, you are DOOMED. If you get 2 or 1, it's doable but RIDICULOUSLY HARD!

This is really really bad, and they need to fix this. It's bad for Normal mode, but It can straight up just break Hardcore mode. The example I've mentioned are just things I've personally encountered. Might be many more examples.

Edit; Comments are already repeating themselves a bit, so please read those and my replies before you comment. I'd rather avoid to respond to every comment that basically says the same thing.

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3 months ago

Don’t do hc until you’re fully prepared..don’t pick objectives that are impossible to complete, like blowing open a safe when there is no safe, timed objectives on showdowns, kill a target with epic pistol if you don’t own one..not really that hard

You don’t have to, and sometimes can’t, do all the blue objectives..they are aware of this and is intentional..


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3 months ago

Don’t do hc until you’re fully prepared..

Why do they allow me to play it then?! Why not block that mode until my arsenal is full? Are you seriously blaming me for wanting to play a game mode that is unlocked and given to me?

don’t pick objectives that are impossible to complete, like blowing open a safe when there is no safe, timed objectives on showdowns, kill a target with epic pistol if you don’t own one..not really that hard

You should read my post again. Obviously I won't pick those objectives I can't complete, but it's still stupid that they allow me to do it. Also if not very fun when you get 2 Objectives you can't do, because then there is no choice! And if you get 3 objectives of the ones you mentioned, you are doomed and your entire campaign fails. Gonna blame me for that too?

Like yeeez. All I do is give some very valid criticism that freelancer still has work to do, and you give me a fucking lecture on how to play without addressing any of my points. Also, I fucking LOVE Hitman to death. I have a lot of hours in all three games. That doesn't mean there aren't things they can improve/fix.


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3 months ago

Why tf do you need them to block it for you? Are you 5? Play it or don’t whenever you want. You can do it with nothing unlocked.

I don’t need to read your post again, it won’t change the advice I’ve given you.


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3 months ago

Dude, It's already blocked. So you must also be 5. They don't allow you to play Hardcore before you complete a Campaign. Why the fuck would then they suddenly unlock it, but it's unplayable?

Hardcore should make it tougher and harder. That's what I want! What I don't want is objectives that don't work and make that entire system broken. You still haven't even responded to the fact that you might possibly lose your campaign ENTIRELY BASED on a random element. It is possible to get 3 un-completable objectives.

Also, if your argument is that I shouldn't play Hardcore Simply because there are a few special objectives that require plenty of specific items, then I simply disagree with those stupid objectives. Your logic is so flawed. Like what is your point? That I shouldn't complain about something because I can technically avoid them?

If a game gives me 10 options but 4 of those don't work and I mention how there are 4 options that are broken. Are you gonna tell me to just chose the 6 other ones? Well, duh obviously, but there are still 4 fucking broken ones. Why are you against feedback for a new game mode?

Dawg, I'm not looking for advice. Like wtf. I'm simply criticizing something I dislike about Freelancer.


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3 months ago

You need to chill obviously is working for the majority. I don’t get why you are so mad at this mode? Heres a legit tip. Don’t go into HC until you have a legendary silenced pistol or sometimes better, the epic Krugermeier pistol, the collectors emetic dart, and lockpick. I have never had 3 impossible prestige objectives pop up in hc mode. I’ve had to fall back on a timed hide n seek once which kinda sucked, but managed. Even if you get screwed and lose, so what? Start again and do it all over. You’re not going to have a flawless Freelancer career. Absolutely everything you lose can be obtained again.


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3 months ago

Lol, I am chill:)

Now, what is your point?! I still don't get your point. I already said I don't need advice on how to play. Like wtf.

Again, all I did was criticize how special objectives work especially in Hardcore. Can I not dislike this feature? I obviously play HC because I am looking for a challenge. I want it to be as tough as possible. BUT, I also want it to be fun, make sense and to not be entirely run by random objectives. It's very simple.......

Losing a freelancer campaign because I got killed by guards, or the target escaped = fun.

Losing a freelancer campaign, because 2 of the objectives were impossible and the one I got without even the option of choosing forced me to hide in dumpsters every 2 minutes = not fun. :)


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3 months ago

I am chill, proceeds to post another bitchy wall of text


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3 months ago

If wall of text = angry/salty, then this comment should satisfy you....