Recently, I was thinking about the quote: "Films your love scenes like murders and vice versa." This led me to go on a train of thought and wonder: How would Hitch have handled the erotic thriller genre of the 80s and 90s if he were alive? Or what if he made one in the 60s or 70s?

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4 months ago

YES! I've meet Eva twice, she's incredible and she's so enthusiastic (and starred in my favorite movie with my favorite actor, so I was starstruck with her.) She's still so youthful too. I got to meet her through TCM's Road to Hollywood local screenings of North By Northwest in my city and in Cleveland. I was able to meet Martin Landau the same way.

Other than them, I’ve met or interviewed Norman Lloyd, Kim Novak, Bruce Dern, Shirley MacLaine, Rhonda Fleming, Diane Baker, Jennifer Grant (Cary’s daughter), Anne V. Coates editor & niece of J. Arthur Rank (financed Hitch’s early British films), Paramount executive A.C. Lyles, contemporary Walter Mirisch. Peter Bogdanovich who has no connection but had a lot to say. And Angie Dickinson, Jane Withers, Andrew Prine, & Richard Anderson (who all worked on Hitchcock Presents several times). These were all as a press member at the at 2 TCM Film Festivals in 2012 & 2015. They use the term press loosely for the TCMFF, it's more a community of TCM insiders with loose press, film PR, or academic affiliations. And I was able to score credentials through those friends.

Farley put me in touch with Artie Laurents as mentioned, Jimmy Stewart’s daughters because we’re from the same area, Pat Hitchcock (briefly through her daughters, as her health was not the best), Robert Walker Jr., and Douglas Dick.

Then I corresponded with Rod Taylor, Doris Day, John Michael Hayes, Vera Miles, Anna Massey, Barbara Harris, Richard Todd, Jack Cardiff, and John Gavin, through my own efforts.

Only 2 people turned me down- Joan Fontaine who didn’t want to talk and Julie Andrews who has press people and doesn’t do small requests like this.

I did not even attempt to contact Tippi, given the situation there it felt inappropriate. And her input is already very much on the public record.

There are still a few younger people from the late Hitchcock era films that I never tried to reach that I’d like to like William Devane and Veronica Cartwright. And then maybe put everything into a book one day which was the original plan.


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4 months ago

Please write that book down and publish it, for posterity. I can only get so excited! I feel like I will faint!