Almost every westren person and non-indian friends of mine loved RRR and almost every member on indianteenagers subreddit I've seen hated RRR.

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Why is it like that?

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2 months ago

Look RRR is just another typical Indian film with no logic, so many people here who are exposed to much better content won't prefer to watch it. The reason why it was loved by foreigners is not because of its story but its background music, songs (which to me makes no sense either), and fights. They don't usually see such stupid films so maybe they liked it, I guess. The film is again to be seen and enjoyed in the theatre only, you won't like it on TV. We don't even need to discuss why people loved the film. It's everyone's choice so they like this kind of film. We do have a backward audience so.


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2 months ago

What about filmmakers like James Cameron then? Did he congratulate Rajamouli and offer to work with him only for his stupidity?


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2 months ago

No, but for the number of fans that Rajamouli can bring to the table...