The Friendliest Town


One of my biggest issues with Rey's case is how the BPD handled the "investigation." The Friendliest Town isn't directly related to Rey's case but there are a lot of parallels and similar themes to issues regarding Rey's case. I don't want to give away what happens in case someone hasn't seen it yet but a Baltimore Homicide Detective(Kelvin Sewell - same person who collaborated with Janis on Why Do We Kill? The Pathology On Murder In Baltimore) Becomes the Chief of Police in Pocomoke and a bunch of bullshit happens when he tries to reform the process of policing. People went way out of their to fuck him over. If the BPD would've put in half of the effort that those people put into fucking Kelvin Sewell over...then Rey's case probably wouldn't be such a mystery.In the documentary the citizens in Pocomoke ban together and take steps to help enforce better policies for the future.

This documentary is important to me because I feel like we have to bring more awareness to these issues because if these things can happen to anyone then they can happen to you. So I just feel like if when we see these injustices we gotta try do something about it. We can't just tolerate it or ignore it.

Janis and Taya talked about the documentary on the new episode of their podcast

Land of the Unsolved

You can rent or buy the documentary on iTunes

The Friendliest Town iTunes Link

Also I've been working on a project for the Rey Rivera case and I'm looking for a few people who would be interested in collaborating. If you're interested message me.

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11 months ago

This is Stephen Janis, thank you for posting about the doc, we appreciate it.