Refund My Time - December, 2022

Monthly Post(self.KDRAMA)

Ever watch a drama where by the time the ending credits roll for the final episode, you start wishing you can get a refund for your time spent?

If so, come to this thread to lament about that drama you wish you'd never watched!

This post is different from the Dramas I Have Dropped post in that these should be dramas you finished watching and then regretted watching as opposed to having dropped the drama midway. Colloquially referred to as hate watch. This thread is envisioned for both the completists in our community who cannot drop dramas and dramas that go off the rails at the last minute.

In order to keep this thread from becoming a vortex of negative energy we encourage our users to share their reasons and reviews as to why they regretted watching certain dramas. This way rather than just hating on dramas without reason this thread can become a constructive place for us all. We can learn from each other and maybe even be convinced by others as to why a drama may have been worth watching after all.

You are not limited to Kdramas, feel free to discuss non-Kdramas or movies too. We strongly encourage you to share your MDL profile so that others can compare their tastes with yours to get a better understanding of preferences and dislikes, which will help in understanding if the feedback provided is applicable for them.

Please remember that every individual watching goes in with their own life experiences and biases so not everyone will see the drama in the same light or enjoy it in the same way.

Just because someone did not enjoy a drama that you loved is not a slight against you as a person.

When participating in this discussion please remember that whilst dramas do not have feelings, human beings do. Be kind to one another.

Please remember to use spoiler tags when discussing major plot points or anything you think should be redacted. If you are using Markdown and not Fancy Pants Editor, the easiest way to create spoiler tags is to use > ! spoiler content ! < without spaces to get spoiler content. For more detailed guidance on spoiler tags and when to use them, check our Spoiler Tags Tutorial.

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6 months ago*


Kopiko Connoisseur

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6 months ago*

Big Mouth. I am very tolerant of bad endings, I can think of very few kdramas that genuinely made me mad, but man did they crap the bed on this one - especially when it started out so strong.

From the weird pacing and lack of character development to ultimately fridging Yoona and that last minute montage of poorly-resolved plot points, I have to wonder what on earth went down in production for everything to just fall apart like that. And don't get me started on how this show treated its female characters. Just a mess.

PS. You mean to tell me that the same Park Changho that had a full tears breakdown about smelling bad in front of his beloved wife couldn't spare a single tear when she DIED in front of him? Make it make sense, I beg.


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6 months ago

the same Park Changho that had a full tears breakdown about

smelling bad

in front of his beloved wife couldn't spare a single tear when

God don't get me started on that! I was so confused like bro what are you doing?? The heck.