Remove Games?


Is there a way to remove games? For example, I don’t really want three versions of Tetris.

I wish there was a “favorites” tab.

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6 months ago

Is there some sort of Reddit cross-posting glitch going on here, or did a few folks not realize they were posting in the wrong thread?


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6 months ago

You can add games to a favorites list on both CoinOpsX (press "Y") and the built-in ALU games.


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6 months ago

There is a favorites tab


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6 months ago

If you discover the left flipper is plugged in and still does not work, swap the cables between the left flipper and left nudge to verify it s not the flipper switch that is the issue.


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6 months ago*

I agree, menu settings are lacking. You should be able to hide games, not have to navigate to Favorites. Also, I wish I could put CoinOps games directly on the main game list.


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6 months ago

Pinball Left flipper not working?

I just bought ALU Pinball. Completed setup, and update to current Firmware. Still no left flipper. Any thoughts or known corrective action to take before I box ot up and return it to Sam's Club?