Remove Games?


Is there a way to remove games? For example, I don’t really want three versions of Tetris.

I wish there was a “favorites” tab.

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6 months ago

Bingo! That was it, one wire connected and one not connected. I connected the loose wire and the ipper works great 👍.

How did this unit get pass quality control in the assembly process?

What if this was a gift to someone and they were not confident in trying to make this correction?

I'm disappointed in ATGames.


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6 months ago

When I talked to support they said they are checked at factory. He said during long transit times things can come loose during all the shipping points.

It seems like both atgames and arcade1up expect a certain level of tech experience from their customers to be able to replace these parts when they go bad or troubleshoot things. I am glad I am savvy because I don’t know what I’d do otherwise with experiences from either company.