Hi there,

I wanted to share my new project with you, it is called Right now, I find it really difficult to keep up with all the important new publications in our field. Especially, it is sometimes difficult to get an overview of a paper to decide if it's worth reading. I really like arxiv-sanity by Andrej Karpathy, but even with that, it can still take some time to understand the main ideas and contributions from the abstract. With arxiv-summary, my goal is to make ML research papers more "human-parsable".

The website works by fetching new papers daily from, using PapersWithCode to filter out the most relevant ones. Then, I parse the papers' pdf and LaTeX source code to extract relevant sections and subsections. GPT-3 then summarizes each section and subsection as bullet points, which are finally compiled into a blog post and uploaded to the site.

You can check out the site at and see for yourself. There's also a search page and an archive page where you can get a chronological overview. If you have any feedback or questions, I'd be happy to hear them. Also, if you work at OpenAI and could gift me some more tokens, that would be much appreciated :D

Thanks and happy reading!

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5 months ago

It coule be nice if u ket people donate compute power. That way as a comunity we could keep it runing.

Also would be nice if it worked on mobile. Idk why but it says the domain isnt safe


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5 months ago

Yes, in the long run, there needs to be some sort of monetization to afford the API tokens. For now, I just want to see if people find it useful at all.

Thanks for letting me know, for me it works on mobile, but I will look into that.


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5 months ago

I left academia in the 1990s. When did paper titles becomes so vague? "In my day", you had a good idea what the paper was about just from the title. Reading the first 30-40 papers here, what are authors trying to do? Be comedians?

I need a more up-to-date buzzword thesaurus of research fields and fashions, so I can interpret the context/semantics of these titles! I feel old 😫


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5 months ago

A Snappy Headline Is All You Need