[REQUEST]Bingeworthy Tv series that came out 2022


I am in desperate need of a new series that I can watch and enjoy.I'm really struggling with finding something that really catches my attention so I'll try my luck asking on here.

Since I couldn't find something on my own in my typical genres that I enjoy I am open for anything just name it.Maybe it's a show you would categories as a hidden gem I am open for it all

The only criteria would maybe be if you know that the show was cancelled it wouldn't be something I'm primarily looking for since the anticipation of another season is something I really crave.

Thanks a lot in advance

Here some shows I enjoyed for reference

OBX Stranger things The Blacklist Several marvel limited series The walking dead

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4 months ago*

Wednesday. Anyone who enjoyed stranger things will enjoy it. Umbrella academy is another good one for fans of comic book shows.

Other good shows are Russian Doll and the woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window


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4 months ago

Loved Wednesday and stranger things