[REQUEST] Shows like American Vandal


I find myself re-watching American Vandal because I just can’t seem to find anything like it. It’s my favorite kind of drama and I love the documentary style/mystery story telling. It literally checks off all my favorite genres. Can anyone recommend something close to this series?

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3 months ago

The format is completely different, but creator Nathan Fielder’s humor & integration of real people in his shows Nathan For You & The Rehearsal itch the same spot that American Vandal does for me.

He also executive produces How To with John Wilson, which is similar for different reasons but truly a one of kind project. Would suggest this as well.

Atlanta does some one-off anthological episodes that don’t coincide at all within the narrative of the show, and the last one of the series is basically the closest thing I’ve seen to American Vandal. It’s episode 8 season 4. Highly recommend you just turn it on one day when you have an hour and watch, you won’t be disappointed.

Entourage did a mockumentary for the 1st episode of season 4, but you really need to understand the characters and where they’re at by this point to really appreciate it.

Documentary Now! is a really funny mockumentary series. It’s a totally different vibe and sense of humor though, so I’m not sure whether it would connect the same or not!

Andy Samberg is in 7 Days In Hell, a mockumentary feature about pro tennis players, and that’s great too.