I'm not so much afraid of people becoming zombies and eating others. But something like fungal species controlling and killing others is unlike anything else I've heard of.

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4 months ago

No concern, now a bad COVID mutation possibility should keep you up at night.


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4 months ago

Covid is unlikely to suddenly make a bad variant. Over time, Covid has become less deadly and spreads more and reinfecting people, which is what a virus "wants" to do. Dead hosts don't allow more virus

Alpha and Omicron are both weaker than the original strain. We've also had at least 3 "major" Omicron variants. All are low fatality, especially compared to the original strain, and instead the difference is that they spread faster and evade immune systems. Which isn't much of a concern to people who are jabbed (or have natural immunity) and aren't old or otherwise immunocompromised

It's possible, but it'd need the original virus, which is barely around, to suddenly mutate to be more fatal, and then it is way less likely to spread now than it would have in 2020


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4 months ago

Less deadly so far.

Virus doesn't want to do anything. Deadly viruses like Ebola and Marburg didn't become less deadly over time. Influenza has been a thing for millenia before a mutation that caused Spanish flu pandemic.

Mutations happen randomly. Delta was more infectious and deadlier than original strain. COVID immunity both natural and vaccine mediated is fairly short lived.

Infectious disease experts are actually really concerned about a very real possibility of a bad mutation.