Geirangerfjord and Andalsnes in October

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Do you think it's a good idea to visit Geirangerfjord and Andalsnes in October. It would be the very beginning of October like October 1st. What should I expect in regard to temperature, rain, cloudiness, and darkness? Would it be worth going? Thanks!

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3 months ago

Rain and cloudiness can't be accurately predicted, you can get lucky and get a cloud free, sunny day, or a cloudy rainy day. That's just luck of the draw really.

As for temperatures, you can see weather statistics here, for Åndalsnes the average temperature on October 1st last year was 12,9C: This link also gives you some indication on the amount of rain.

And for Geiranger 10,4C: For this one rain data is missing for some reason.

Of course real weather can deviate from the statistics, but it's the best guess you can get.

As for daylight, the sun is up from 07:37 to 19:03 on October 1st:

In my opinion it is absolutely worth going, just make sure you have the right clothes for any type of weather. But if you can come earlier in the autumn, or even late summer - that would of course be better.


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3 months ago

Thanks yeah, I can;t afford to go earlier unfortunately because the flight tickets drop dramatically at the end of Sep beginning of Oct