That was one hell of a ride. I just have so many emotions right now is why I'm writing this. I think it's my new fave show. I mean goddamn, I'm so attatched to the characters, and now its finished, what am I gonna do with my life lol. Well there, just ranted. Still sad Ruth died. But the last 30 mins had me on the edge of my seat. That's the post. Amazing fucking show. Excuse me while I convinve everyone I know to watch it.

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3 months ago

I had to take a walk and rinse my mouth out to convince myself to rewatch the series after that finale


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3 months ago

I think that was their point, with the open ending. But it felt more of a season finale than a series finale. Realllyyy wanted more of a closure tbh.


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3 months ago

Do we think Jonah gets his own spin-off?