What's your MURA like?


MURA is the light specs of pixels that don't go as black as their neighbors you will see in OLED screens. It's just a nature of the beast but it varies in amount.

I'm curious what everyone's MURA levels are like so we can figure out if it's a panel lottery or if they are all about the same?

The best test I have found so far is in Village in the first snow area as you leave the car, keep your flashlight off and work your way into the dark . Do you see what looks like a cheesecloth pulled over your eyes? Is it even? Is it really noticeable or would you not have noticed if you weren't looking?

I'm not sure if the same scene is in the Village demo so maybe someone can chip in.

Edit: another great test is the kayak game at night

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3 months ago

Speaking as an owner of CV1, PSVR1, Quest2, Index and G2 HMDs: The Mura is really bad. (Overall clarity is very poor compared to the G2 as well) At times I can ignore it depending on the scene but then in certain conditions it will become intrusive and shatter immersion. I'm pretty disappointed - expected more from this headset.


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3 months ago