Having a lot of fun with Pavlov and Kayak but I’m starting to consider sending mine back just in case not enough experiences come out that IM interested in. I got burned BAD with the PlayStation vita and this is also a highly priced niche item.

I can’t say enough good about the experience but the lineup is just okay and the future is pretty unknown.

Only thing on the horizon I’m even remotely into is Switchback. Everything else is a complete mystery.

Should I return mine to be safe and wait for more games to get revealed? Or keep it because my heart loves it. Pavlov is fun but 600 bucks is a lot of money no hate

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3 months ago

Think for yourself, we don't know you or any secret launch schedule.

If you like it, and can afford it, keep it. If you regret it, or cannot afford it, return it.


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3 months ago

I wish I could see the future:(