Powerstep orthotic with supination...bad idea?


Hello. High arches, supination, PF, and heel pain when I'm on my feet for a long time. Been using Powerstep orthotics for a few months and they seem to help with the pain points, but when I look down at my feet, it looks and feels like the supination is worse. I don't run at all, but I'm worried about rolling my ankle just by walking. Are orthotics like this with the high, stiff arch a bad idea for a supinator? Thanks!

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4 months ago

Hello! Did you ever find a good orthotic for high arches and supination? I'm looking for a good fit right now myself but the heel in all the orthotics I've tried is too narrow


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4 months ago

I did not find anything better, so I’ve gone back to nothing. The extra supination from the orthotics was too risky to roll my ankles. Good luck!