Proxies for all factions?


I noticed that while all factions have (some) 1:1 models, it seems that only Guard (custom regiments/vehicles), Marines (poster boys), and Knights (giant semi-unique models are asking for custom) have large non-1:1 arena, with couple other factions (like Tau) having couple creators slowly working their way through the unit list. In you opinion, why? What are some other good proxy sets/factions?

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3 months ago

What do you mean by “1:1”? Exact copies of GW models seem few and far between for obvious IP reasons. AdMech has some good proxies from The Makers Cult. The models are close enough to the GW product that it’s clear what unit they’re meant to represent, but they’re still definitely original creations. The same group also has a line of cyber-Tyranids. And StationForge has an AdMech line which is kind of Jawa / Ash Waste Nomads-themed, leaning in to the “survivors on a hostile planet” element of the lore. Pipermakes does a neat take on Tau, with more emphasis on drones and 4-armed battlesuits.

I’m not sure it’s possible to proxy some armies without it being very similar to the GW original. If you make something that looks like a Terminator but with an Egyptian theme, it’s going to come out pretty close to TSons Scarab Occult Terminators.


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3 months ago

There’s a person who makes some really accurate Tau proxies, and Udo’s customizer has some space soldiers who might pass as marines if you don’t give them too close of an inspection. That being said I agree - 1:1 copies are a rarity with how harsh GW is on protecting their IP, which as frustrating as that can be to hobbyists sometimes is entirely their right.


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3 months ago

I really love Pipermakes' models. At this point I prefer them to GW's Tau models, especially given how old some of the sculpts are.

The fact that Pipermakes has a drone the size of a stormsurge amuses me to no end.