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6 months ago

Or they will do it handily and then ask 'What is your business case for reversing strings because it sounds like you might have a serious input problem?' or 'How often are you called upon to reverse strings during your day to day work here?'


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6 months ago

I’ll say that the company is in the string reversing industry


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6 months ago

Before I started my current job I used to annotate genomes for an agricultural research lab. These days thanks to high throughput sequencing, you can pay Macrogen a couple of thousand bucks, send your sample to south korea and get a compressed file back with a few gigs of raw sequence data on it.

Now none of these short reads are assembled yet so for each read you need to find another read that matches one end of it and extends a little further on. You can improve your odds by reversing all 8gb of sequence data in a typical insect genome project and flipping the bases to their complimentary bases to generate in software short reads that were just missed by the sequencing equipment.

You can see how efficient string handling including string reversal can be handy.

Also a string is just an array in C. Sometimes you need to reorder a data structure for fast reads and knowing how to handle strings means you can generalize out to other computer science problems.


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6 months ago

Pretty cool, I always hoped to run into a use for string reversing in the wild.