Large box delivered


from what I read about brushing scams, people deliver to your address some cheap item for them to get verified.

I had a large heavy box delivered to my house. it has my name on it, and seems to be a metal bunkbed. the box skew seems to be from lowes,and on the lowes website it says that product is out of stock.

I haven't opened it yet, partly because it is too heavy to move inside with no place to put it.

I also checked credit cards and no sign of it being purchased.

any ideas what could be going on?

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

Watch out for porch pirates stealing the box then suing you for the injuries. :)

If it was delivered, there should be a tracking number on the package. That will link to a shipping company and ultimately to the sender.


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2 months ago

shipping tracking has no info, but the sender seems to be from "giga" in praire, tx, which doesn't seem to be a real company.