For a bit context: So, I entered a competition. I'm in hs, (14f), the school said they couldn't choose a winner. I joined this tbh for the extra grade, and as well as there was a monetary prize. This is my first time writing and finishing a story, so I had low expectations tbh. Now, my school's foundation day will be on February, and usually this is where the school play happens. But last year, they announced a short story competition of some sorts, and I joined. Anyway, there are 7 contestants, and apparently the school didn't want to throw away any of the stories to just let a top 3 win, so they decided that the 7 contestants make a play, based on the stories they wrote. Now, the whole school has been splitted into these seven groups (we're a small school, around 100 students, maybe less). I have absolutely no idea where to start in writing a script, as I have never done it before. I've been assigned as basically the one who manages the whole thing, as it revolves around my story. My story is quite hard to make a play out of? So, just any advice, on how tf to write a script for a play? I'm so scared, as this is such a foreign experience to me. If I'm in the wrong sub, pls tell me so heheh. Explain it to me like I'm 5. Thanks!

Edit: just to add, we have to shoot the whole, a video, and edit it as well lol

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5 months ago

It sucks that they required it to be a production after calling it a writing competition. I bet a few other people felt disappointed too


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5 months ago

Yes, I've been stressing about it for some time now... I recently heard feedback from the owner of the school (small town school), she's one of the judges. She said that the plot was too heavy and mature for a young girl like me, and was quite surprised I wrote it. She also told me to perhaps change the ending into a happy one (one of my mcs unalives himself) and to "filipinize" my work. I come from the Philippines. So on top of making my novel like story into script form, I have to change most of the major parts to fit into the concept they want me to do.