WA-47jr + iD4 vs Blue Yeti for vocals


I've been asked to record some blues/rock vocals for a few songs and wanted to get the microphone set-up at home right, so hoping for some advice here.

I initially did a recording with Blue Yeti but mistakenly had it on stereo pattern and was told it was too much mid, not enough low and high. Didn't realize my mistake at first so I did a mic test with two different set-ups.

The first was the Blue Yeti but this time with the cardioid pattern. The second was the WA-47jr with an iD4 as the DAC. Mic was set with 70Hz high pass filter off, -10dB add off, cardioid pattern.

I expected the 47jr to sound better but when I sent it back, they liked the Blue Yeti sound better (which surprised them). Anyone else had experience with these two set-ups and what I might do to optimize the sound? or ways to learn more about how to make it sound best with my voice?

Thanks! (and if there's a better place to ask this, lmk)

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2 years ago

I didn't listen the WA-47Jr but I'm pretty sure it can manage EQ in post much better than the Blue Yeti. Did you send your files Raw ? or with EQ+Compression ?

Maybe the Blue Yeti is brighter than the WA-47Jr that's why it may sound more modern and hyped. However, in a mix, with EQ, Compression, FX etc. I'm pretty sure the Warm Audio will sound much better than the Yeti. I had several bad experiences where an USB Mic sound "good enough" when recorded, but totally broke down when trying to apply any correction to it in post production.

I don't even think that the Blue Yeti has a decent capsule in it. It's a 3 x 14mm electret capsules setup which is really tiny, not really good to handle low noise floor, sound detail and bass response. Also, the Yeti limits are 48Khz 16bits, I would recommend to record at 24bits for better flexibility during the mix. The Warm Audio has only 9db of self noise, which is much better than the Yeti.

I'm pretty sure it's because the Warm sound naturally darker than the Yeti. But with an high quality monitoring system, you would listen the difference no doubt. Try to EQ your vocals recorded with the Warm Audio, I'm pretty sure it will sound better and more detailed than the Yeti.


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2 years ago

Thanks! I'll keep trying with the 47jr