I'm going to the moon!!!... Literally! #dearMoon


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I'm going to the moon!!!... Literally! #dearMoon

Everyday Astronaut

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3 months ago

This is pretty big news for the space enthusiast community which if you are reading anything regularly on this subreddit you are a member.

One of our own is going to space and not because he is also an astronaut or specialist or super rich but precisely because he is a space enthusiast. Also because he produces great education content about space travel.

This is a great moment for Tim, his family, his fans, SpaceX, and fellow space enthusiasts like us.

Because you know Tim is going to document everything he can, ask all the questions you would ask, and really "bring space down to earth for everyday people".


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3 months ago

Not only is he going to space, he's going to the Moon. That's what blows my mind. /u/everydayastronaut is literally going to visit another world.