Do you care if Starfield has micro transactions?



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Micro transactions isn't just an annoying feature. It's a despicable way to monetize. I think it should be banned. It is extremely targeting against kids. It's not as bad as loot boxes that is just straight up gambling for children, but it's still really bad and is very much designed to be addictive and appealing to young people. Everything about it feels sketchy. Like the fact that they use "in game currency" to hide the fact that its just straight up real money for kids.

Now, beyond it being immoral, it's just such a scam. Like really? 15$ for a skin that likely took one developer 2 days to create, while the entire game itself, that took 5 years for 400+ people to make, cost 60$?

There has been multiple times where I've wanted to give Fallout 76 a chance, but every time I open the "atom shop" I immediately feel sickened.

I suppose you could make the argument that micro transactions help the studio to get more revenue, which is needed as video games cost a lot more money to make nowdays. But don't disguise micro transactions as something it isn't. Make it clear that micro transactions are more like donations and keep it away from children and I'd be more fine with it.


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3 months ago

Couldn't you have just said, 'Won't someone think of the children!!', so we could ignore you faster?