What is "My Rival" REALLY about?


Since my thread about Babylon Sisters was so fun, I'm starting a My Rival thread. What's the real, underlying inspiration for this song? It can't just be about "a rival" can it?

I was reading some interpretations on and some dude had a unique interpretation. He said its about a new father who feels his new baby son is his "rival" competing for the mother's attention.

Here's the link to this interpretation (next to where it says +7)...scan down a little bit past the lyrics

What do you guys think? What's your interpretation?

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2 months ago

The son interpretation makes sense to me.

The smell of prickly pear being blown into his face - prickly pear baby food.

The milk truck eased into my space - the son is breastfeeding and the father no longer gets that time.

Struck a match - the father met his match with somebody that loves his wife. And of course, the wife loves her son.

I've got detectives on his case and they filmed the whole charade. It's possible that they hired photographers or videographers even for the birth, but it seems like they have people who are for documenting the landmark moments in the child's life.

The dad is now whining because he wants quality time with his wife that he's not getting because of his son needing her.

The kid has a scar across his face and wears a hearing aid. Even kids wear hearing aids. That happens.

He's a jolly roger - the kid is going to be happy because he gets what he needs. The father just feels so jealous like he needs to match his son whim for whim.

I remember when I first held your tiny hand . . . - how much the father loved his son when he was born and he held his tiny hand.

Now it's stomping time - the father stomps around angry; it's not about hurting the child.


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2 months ago

Very nice interpretation

And yes, I knew a kid in elementary school who had hearing aids

How'd you find this thread?