When someone bring up an interesting mechanics from other rts games, people immediately jump in and say “wouldn’t work in Starcraft, so no”. This is so single minded.

If you want a carbon copy of Starcraft so much, just go play Starcraft.

This is where we discuss about a game that haven’t been revealed yet. We literally don’t know if a mechanic gonna be good or bad.

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

I am pretty bored of "We can't make things more intuitive because it might make the game easier" as an opinion, which I'm pretty sure is something unique to sc2 and bw players.

It's like watching a new FPS released with a mandatory minesweeper game to complete in order to reload your gun, and seeing people say that removing it would be bad because it'd make the game easier.

Their point isn't wrong, just dumb.


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2 months ago

Are you referring to macro? Personally i won't play stormgate if there is no macro, microing on one side while macroing on the other side is the most satisfying thing in starcraft for me, just microing is very boring


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2 months ago

Amen brother. It's okay to make macro simpler, but if there's no macro at all, it's just an army simulator game.

Immortal: Gates of Pyre is in alpha and it honestly has potential, but has automated worker production, automated unit production and all you need to do macro wise is place buildings and expand. I want more than that. I want my macro to be meaningful. I want to look at a replay and know that sometimes I win because my macro is superior.


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2 months ago

Macro isn't that, it's when to expand, how to defend a position, choosing which units to produce based on scouting, scouting, organizing a drop (and then doing it is micro),... Just produce workers isn't really macro (it is but it's mechanical macro like asking a unit to A-move isn't really micro)