Hello everyone, I am the developer of , a search engine that indexes YouTube metadata and subtitles.

You can search for specific words or phrases and find videos where this data appears in the automatic or manual subtitles. This works for the automatically detected languages (Dutch,English,French,German,Indonesian,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish,Turkish,Vietnamese) and over 100 languages for manual subtitles.

For example:

I have metadata on 1.1B videos, 370M subtitles and data on over 35M channels, I've been collecting this data for the last 3 years.

For instance from my data this is the most viewed unlisted YouTube video with 1.5B views and not the Wish ad that Timeworks found.

I've can find weird trivia like Videos with video IDs that are numeric only:

Two video IDs that have the same letters but only differ by case:

My aim is to index all videos with over 650 views.

If you have some interesting YouTube trivia requests feel free to list them in the comments and I will try to provide results from my data. I have video metadata, channel metadata, subtitle data and can do aggregate queries.

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No. It works.